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South of Jericho - A novel by Jonathan Scharf

South of JerichoRead a true Mossad epic...

Ziki Barak is a code name; he works for "MOSSAD," one of the world’s most feared and respected Intelligence agencies.

Pulse pounding, heart harrowing action based on fact — enhanced by fiction.

A hunt … in a game with no rules, a powerful profile of Israeli Intelligence.

In tangled relationships, Ziki Barak faces a devastating choice; rescue the woman he loves, from death, or risk his own?

In the cauldron known as the Middle East where Israel is a constant target, they must be prepared to take any action necessary to ensure its survival.

Have the Arab forces and the Russian General caught Israel off guard? Is Tel-Aviv considering a nuclear strike? On whom?

The Middle East could bring the World to the threshold of nuclear war.

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